Knight Modern Upright (Sold)

Knight Modern Upright (Sold)

Piano Details

Height – 112cm
Width – 140cm
Depth – 55cm
Finish – Satin Mahogany

Warranty – 3 years
Includes a complimentary first tuning within the first 2 months of purchase

Excludes Delivery
+3% Surcharge for credit card payments


One of the great English piano manufacturers

Built in 1970s this is a fine example of good quality British workmanship. With a smart satin mahoganny cabinet, a medium weighted touch and a clean and even tone, this instrument will bring years of pleasure to it’s new owner.

Finance Options

This piano is eligible for the Arts Council Take It Away Scheme, enabling musical instruments to be affordable for children and young adults. It does this by providing interest-free loans of up to £5000.

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