Piano Stools

Hidrau Model, located in Algemesi (Valencia, Spain), is a worldwide leader in manufacturing professional piano stools.

From the beginning the company’s primary intention has been to provide quality and top service in the world of music. The use of the bery best raw materials and stringent quality control in the production process ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

With a range of 24 different wood finishes, we can find a good match for the majority of upright and grand pianos.

The Spanish manufacturer celebrates 40 years in the piano industry in 2015 and presents a new range of stools featuring the innovative Hidrau-Tech technology.

Hidrau piano stools use 2 different adjustment mechanisms. The signature BM45H (hydraulic mechanism) uses nitrogen filled cylinders that provide smooth, quiet movement  adjusted by levers with fingertip control. The BC39TECH Tokio and BC26TECH Helsinki use the patented Hidrau lift mechanism, easily adjusted by knobs on each side of the stool. Both mechanisms are precision constructed for ease of use and years of trouble free service.

Piano Stool

Hidrau Tokio (BC39TECH) Hydraulic Piano Stool


Montague Pianos have been supplying Hidrau Stools for many years and can vouch for the quality and durablity of their stools.

For more information regarding Hidrau Piano Stools, please contact Montague Pianos on 01442 876131 or email us.